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How to change the theme on my Blackberry

One of the most common questions that we get here on the blog, is how to change the theme on my blackberry smartphone?  After all chances  are you will want to personalize the look and  feel of you Blackberry at some  point. Today I’m going to provide you with the information you need to find, download and install themes, then show you how to activate a theme on your BlackBerry smartphone.The first thing that you need  to do is head on over to Blackberry App World. Once there you can choose  a paid or  free theme that you likie.

  • Next Download and install that you have chosen
  • Once you have downloaded and installed a theme from BlackBerry App World, you may be prompted to activate the theme. If this prompt appears, choose “Yes” and your new theme will be activated. To change themes again, continue reading.

Switching Themes on a BlackBerry Smartphone

To view and switch themes that you have currently installed, complete the following steps depending on which version of BlackBerry® Device Software you are currently using.

BlackBerry® 6 & BlackBerry® 7 OS

  1. From the Home Screen or a folder, select “Options”
  2. Select “Display” and then “Screen Display”
  3. In the Theme section, highlight the theme you wish to use
  4. Press the Menu key and Select “Activate”.
  5. Your  new theme will appear on your  phone.


BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 and below

  1. From the Home screen, select “Options” and then “Theme”
  2. Highlight the theme you want to activate
  3. Press the Menu key and select “Activate”.
  4. Your  new theme will appear on your  phone.

That’s it.  Pretty simple huh?  That’s  all there is to changing the theme on your  Blackberry. However, I feel  compelled to tell you that the new iphone 5 features are going to put some serious pressure on Blackberry lovers to remain loyal.


What Are Mobile Themes for a SmartPhone

Are you sick and tired of the boring look your mobile phone has? If yes then why not beautify your handset by adding some cool mobile themes?

What are Mobile Themes

In very simple words they refer to the universal look of a cell phones user’s interface, which includes different color schemes, background description, and display of icons. There are certain graphical components also which are included under this category.

One thing to remember is that mobile themes usually represent the personality of the person. Most themes reflect something that is important to the owner. Just like mobile wallpapers, cell phone themes also have different categories such as sports, cars, celebrities, models, nature etc. You can either choose from these categories or else go on to make your own custom theme for your cell phone.


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